For any further information that you need please email us at:

Please allow a little time for a response but we will respond just as quickly as we can!

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hello DA Euro Family, I am Jeanne F. a debtor in Santa Cruz, California USA. (80 miles south of San Francisco and 400 miles north of Los Angeles, on the coast)

    I’m a GSR and have served on the international caucus, and the diversity caucus, and two years on the literature committee…

    My sweetheart Kasi (said like the name casey) and I have celebrated 9 years in Debtors Anonymous—and next month hope to celebrate 6 years of abstinence from debt. Phew!

    We want to come to the convention and are very excited to join you. We will be officially registering sometime today or tomorrow…

    In the meantime, I wanted to ask the committee what we can do to help?
    at the convention?
    What can we bring to you?
    Kasi works for United Airlines, so we can easily fill up a piece of luggage with literature for you. Is that needed??? I wonder if we can bring you the new 12 traditions, 12 steps and 12 concepts books- which are at the printer now and supposed to be for sale by april for the 4oth anniversary of DA. We’ve heard the hardbook copy will be 18$us and the paperback version will be $14

    I have friends on the General Service Board, and I’d guess they’d help us get whatever we can to to you.

    My email is

    Blessings OF EASE AND JOY AND ABUNDANCE to you all, JEANNE

    PS- THANKS for all of the service you are doing to make this happen. I’m sure it is a lot of work!!!


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