Hello England!


We are very pleased to announce that the Third European Convention of Debtors Anonymous will be held this year in the United Kingdom!

This will be a great opportunity to meet fellows from across Europe and possibly further afield (we had had fellows from as far as Australia, Indonesia and the United States in fellowship with us at the first and second Conventions in Cannes, France and Ranica, Italy).

The Convention will be residential with onsite accomodation. Worth School is on an historic site with 500 acres of grounds of English countryside in which you can easily lose yourself and find peaceful spots for quiet reflection and meditation.

On the same site and adjacent to the school is Worth Abbey where you will find a community of monks who follow the guidance of the Rule of St. Benedict.

We hope that you will join us in the United Kingdom in July for fellowship, recovery and a rest in the rolling hills of green English countryside and woods which Worth will offer us.