Accommodation & Cost


Gervase House – Accomodation 

This year’s Convention offering includes accommodation onsite at Worth school in single rooms. All rooms have ensuite facilities. The rooms are located in the modern building which you can see above.

There are two accommodation options which are full board from dinner on Friday until lunch on Sunday.

A single room (1 bed in a room) place at £159 (British pounds) per person

A twin room place (2 single beds in a room) at £135 per person 

There are two large common room areas where you will be able to relax, read and chat.


4 thoughts on “Accommodation & Cost

  1. Hello This is Rene I have sent in my booking confirmation and u m v excited about that however when I tried to wire the money from my bank to your account they could not do it without recipients address and banks address – so I will wait to get that information from you and then I will proceed Also for everyone’s info it costs £9.50 to send money transfer So Thankyou for all your hard work and look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in Italy in June Have a good day in recovery Rene N

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