The booking process for residential participants is terminated.

The number of rooms in each category is limited. Therefore, the earlier you book, the better the chance of getting your preferred room choice.

Please submit your booking request by email to:

You will receive a confirmation email which will include the amount to pay and the bank account details for your money transfer. We will keep your reservation open for 10 days which will be confirmed upon receipt of your payment into our bank account within this period.

Important for money transfer from countries outside the Euro-Zone

Please ensure that we receive the correct payment amount. Transfer or exchange rate fees levied by your bank should be settled by you at your own expense. If you fail to do so the payment received will fail to cover your contribution and we will need you to settle any difference.

The table below shows the state of free rooms which are not booked nor reserverd. If it shows no free accomodation in the category you would have liked to chose, please let us know of your whish as alternative choise. We would come back, in case a reservation should fail.

Current room availability by category (as at 12 June 2018)

  Category   Total price
Single room
En-suite bathroom*

1 A


195,00 €

Single room
Shared bathroom **/***

1 B


180,00 €

Twin room
En-suite bathroom ***

2 A


150,00 €

Twin room
Shared bathroom**/***

2 B


135,00 €

Multi-bed room (3 persons)
Bathroom (for sole use of room)***



105,00 €

Multi-bedroom (4 persons)
Bathroom (for sole use of room)***



105,00 €

Additionally there is an accommodation unit adapted for those with disabilities. There is one single room and one twin room. Please let us know, if you require the use of this facility.

To Book

1. Please complete the booking form (CLICK HERE)

Word document: Berlin 2018 Booking Form

pdf version: Booking mail 4th ERI Convention

2. Attach the booking form to your email and send it to: